Hope- Easter’s Greatest Gift

Clearly this Easter is different from years past. For me it’s a stark contrast to last year’s. Last year we had cute outfits, egg hunts and family. We also had fevers that required Tylenol every six hours on the dot, blue nails, and shaking so strong I would often wake up thinking there was a earthquake happening. I remember last Easter like it was yesterday, sitting inside St. Rose hoping that the Tylenol AJ had taken would last through the mass. Having to come home right after so she could have more Tylenol and rest. More than anything though I remember feeling helpless and so scared.

But that thrill of hope, the thrill Mary, John, and Peter must have had when they reached the empty tomb, the hope that became reality in what God did for our family this year, that hope makes Easter even more special this year. It reminds us that Easter isn’t about cute outfits, adorable bunnies, lavish baskets, or even a filled church. It’s about knowing that we are so loved that Jesus gave His life for us and also conquered death for us. His love allows us the ability to hope that our end is only on this earthly planet. In the end Easter is about hope itself.

Knowing God also allows us to know that this quarantine will end and it allows us to hope for brighter days with family, friends, and good health. While your Easter may not be what you’re use to, remember it is still Easter and we are Easter people. So stay hopeful my friends!

xo- G

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