Quick Update from Quarantine

Hi Everyone-

Sorry it’s been so long since our last official update! I have like three posts sitting unpublished, none seem quite right. Anyway, wanted to let everyone know that AJ is doing well. She was able to enjoy eight days of school before MD went into lockdown. She loved being back with her friends and enjoyed high school life. Even though it was short lived it reminded her what’s to come.

Since being in quarantine we’ve only had to go to Hopkins once. Her three month post car-t check up went well. Still no b-cells and no sign of leukemia. This means we will only need to go to Hopkins once a month for IVIg. With everything going on it makes me so happy to stay out of the hospital. Seeing her at a healthy weight, off most of her meds and regaining her strength makes our hearts so happy.

Our days at home are spent with online school, video games, family walks, FaceTime with friends, biking, and skateboarding. This week we went to get the kids new bikes and they’re eagerly awaiting their arrival. We’ve taken advantage of the new soccer field in our neighborhood and let them go out to play when no one else is out. AJ has been trying to regain her speed and improve her running. At the moment she’s also enjoying blocking Ellie and Kohen’s goals. They’ve also been using the time to improve their baking and cooking skills. It’s funny how they’re just now getting time to do so many things Kev and I use to do all the time as kids. All and all the kids are handling quarantine really well. I’m pretty sure it’s because we’ve been in a similar situation since July. Besides good health and the privilege to stay home I’m most grateful that they have each other. Built in playmates are definitely a plus when you can’t leave the house. Honestly, it probably affects us adults more than them. Hope everyone is doing well, social distancing, and staying healthy.

Picture dump…

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