Quick Update

Happy Sunday everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update before we head to mass.

Ava continues to do well after getting home on Thursday. She had a follow up appointment on Friday and her counts all looked good. Kevin, Kohen, and Ellie also had blood drawn on Friday to determine if any of them could be potential bone marrow donors. Even though we all hope and pray that CAR-T will do the trick and get Ava to MRD negative and that the CAR-T cells will stick around for at least a year, we need to be prepare in case they don’t. Thus why we’re getting tested to see who would be her donor.

Oh Friday I asked Dr. Molina if he felt confident that CAR-T was working and would do the job and after a slight hesitation he said yes. I understand why doctors can’t give guarantees, but I wish they would. He mentioned how one reason they like to see a little CRS is to reassure themselves that it’s working, but with Ava’s low burden of disease they just had to trust the process. I asked if he meant we had to have faith and he said yes he guessed that’s what it meant. Well, that we can do. Though we’re still learning to walk by faith and leaning in God more each day, I find comfort in knowing dependence in Him is needed.

So for the next few weeks we will be leaning heavily and continuously praying for God’s will to be done. We’ll also be living life with the faith that she is cancer free. Recently I realized that my greatest sign is HER. She’s happy, she’s strong, and she’s ready for what comes her way!

Dinner at LP Steamers
Just living the life with her pup in tow.

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1 thought on “Quick Update

  1. I am now logged in with the email address I use most.
    Ava sweetie, Grandpa is with you every step of the way, continue to get well
    I love you soo much.
    Grace – KG Please stay in touch.


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