An AJ Update

What’s up Butt Cheek Christmas People.

Sitting here on Day 5 of my CAR-T Party. Today I learned how to play Tonk. I went outside for the first time since December 19th. I had a visit from my best friend. Her name is Alyssa and we always have so much fun and laugh a lot together. When she had to go home it made me so sad. Then I had a hotdog from Sonic for dinner. I realized I need two hot dogs to get full. I still hungry because I’m a fatty patty. Ikeep asking to do hand stands on my Mom’s air mattress, but mommy and daddy keep telling me no. Even fake crying doesn’t work.

I’m feeling really good. Today I didn’t even take a nap. I still wish the other kids on the floor would come out of their rooms and play or hangout. I’m lucky I have my mom, dad and visitors to play cards and games with. I’ve been having fun doing my nails with color street strips and riding the new xl easy roller. Mom might even get me one of very own.

Tomorrow is day six and if I keep feeling this well I may get to go home to my Wesley on Thursday. I love my puppy and really miss him. But I wouldn’t mind staying at the Ronald McDonald House one day, because it looks really nice.

I hope everyone had an amazing Butt Cheek Christmas like I did. Thanks for always thinking and praying for me. I’m sure my mom will post again soon.

1 thought on “An AJ Update

  1. AJ Sweetie.You’re always in my Prayers thoughts and dreams I pray every day and night that you continue to get well.
    It was nice talking to you.Call me any time you wish .Looking good.
    Grampa Love you madly.


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