Sunday Praise

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. I’ve thought about updating a couple times, but then thought things are going so well and stable people don’t want to read the day in and day out of our “normal” lives. So I was waiting for something to happen. This morning I woke up and the it occurred to me that by not posting during the good times I was neglecting my praise to God. This is something I’m working hard at. As I’ve mentioned I consider myself a faith full person. What I mean by that is I am full of faith in God. I didn’t write faithful because I don’t always feel that I am faithful to Him. I’m trying though and this happy update is another way I’m putting forth effort. Praising him for these wonderful last two weeks.

All thing considered Ava has been doing amazing. Once she heard her team was considering a feeding tube she and Kevin made eating her full time job. Kev insistes she drink an Ensure after every meal and I’ve had any kind of food she asks for available. This has helped her gain 10+ lbs in the last two weeks. The weight gain has helped her energy level, so has the hemoglobin and platelets she’s been given each Friday she goes to clinic, and an ANC that somehow keeps rising. With all this energy she’s been able to really enjoy the last couple weeks. We’ve had a pizza party with her cousins were she was up and engaged with everyone. In addition she was able to attend Ellie’s school’s open house and mine. We joke that she loves so school so much she’ll visit anyone’s, haha. It’s such a treat to have her come to my classroom and see my students interact with her. Their compassion and love for her fills my heart. Her genuine interest and desire to connect with them does the same.

In Maryland early October typically comes with a few days off from school. These days off have been so wonderful for Ava because she’s had her brother and sister home to play with and keep her company. She’s been able to include her in PT sessions and it’s made the days go by quicker. She enjoyed them so I thought she might be bummed when I told her we were done with school holidays for a bit, but she told me she was good because she enjoys her days home with just Avi, Wesley, and Lulu as well. She said they had a fun I’d never know about. Hey as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

The past two weekends she’s had chemotherapy each day at home so we haven’t had many plans made. Last Saturday however she woke up on a mission to get the house Halloween ready. As soon as her nurse left she was up and ready to go. She had a blast at At Home picking out all the stuff she wanted and then setting it all up with Kohen and Ellie. She has had SO much energy it’s amazed me. I believe it’s fair to say our home has never looked so festive for Halloween. In addition to At Home she used the fact that Aunt Ashley was visiting to visit American Eagle. I mean it’s always cooler to go shopping with aunts than your parents. And why would I know anything about AE? I guess it being the first place I ever worked doesn’t count for much? Regardless she bought herself some new clothes and was happy as could be.

On Friday of this week she and Kev went to clinic for treatment and she made sure to sport some of her new purchases. Kevin also wore some new sneakers he got for his birthday. He tells me that she was so annoyed that everyone, “even strangers in the elevator” were complimenting his new shoes and not her new Crocs that she started walking funny to draw attention to them. Instead of drawing compliments she ended up worrying her oncologist, Dr. Molina who ended up being very concerned about how a chemotherapy drug was affecting her feet. Kevin got a great laugh out this. He was also super happy to hear that her ANC was 2900 and her weight was at 85 lbs.

Since she didn’t have weekend chemo and her ANC was so high I felt it was time to go on an Ava & Mommy date yesterday. We went to Costco to get all the foods she could possibly crave for the week and then some. After Costco we visited Ixtapalapa for tacos and Mexican Cola. While I was tired and ready to head home after this, AJ was far from. She had other plans. So off to Barnes and Noble we went. Thanks to the BN gift card she’d been gifted by Justine’s parents she was able to get a nice haul of books to keep her entertained for a good bit. After BN we went to Target. Who knew she needed new makeup brushes, peppermint tea, Halloween pajamas? Not me. When we were leaving and I commented how tired I was she said “Good, that’s my new mantra, shop till you drop!” It made me realize she’s truly become a full fledge teen. I could not be more happy and thankful for this.

Before I do a huge picture dump I’d love some recommendations for Halloween movies she can watch. None too creepy because I’m easily scared and none to babyish because she’s “14 now and can handle more than Hocus Pocus”.

In closing I’d like to give thanks for the last two weeks and these memories.

Getting the house Halloween ready
A little PT Twister
Modeling new sweatpants
Enjoying a date with Kevin
Tacos are life
With her Wesley

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