An Update from Ava

Hi Everyone! It’s Ava. I recently stated online school and am about to finish quarter one. Even though I’m only taking 4 classes it still feels like I’m taking more than I was last year because of “chemo brain”🤪 Thank you all so much for the toys, gift cards, coloring books, etc. The kids at the hospital loved them and cannot wait to play for them on bingo night!

I’m ending consolidation and will have another bone marrow aspiration on Friday. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and have had much more energy. I even felt good enough to go to my cousin Marco’s 1st birthday party

‘We’re hoping that all the leukemia will be gone and that I can move onto interim maintenance. We will know by Monday 11/4.

Also thank you for all the dinners you’ve brought to our house. They’ve all been so yummy and I love the visits.

This is a pic of me and my friend Zoe ^

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