Pluses and Deltas

Just a stream a consciousness as I review my day.


• Ava didn’t need to continue pheresis today.

• She will begin IM tonight.

• Ellie’s back to cartwheeling.

• Kohen made it to basketball practice.

• Got to enjoy some brief 1:1 time with Ko while we picked up dinner.

• Got great advice from my 11 year old son, just trust mom. Be present and trust.

• FaceTimed with AJ and Kevin

• Christmas PJs arrived.

• Tomorrow is Friday

• We’re one day closer to being together.


• Cried about 10 times today.

• Totally let my emotions get the best of me.

• AJ isn’t home with me

• She was conscious during her LP and in a lot of pain.

• Ellie’s still coughing up a storm and missed school again.

• I can’t soothe or cuddle her because I won’t be able to trade with shifts with Kev if I get her germs.

• Kohen’s started sneezing and has probably gotten Ellie’s cold.

• Won’t be able to get our Christmas Cards done this weekend like I had planned.

• This is the only picture I got of my girl today.

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