Saying Goodbye To The Bestest Boy

Today our best boy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of colon cancer that has metastasized to other organs and has little time left with us. We’ve brought him home for some extra love and memories before we help him crossover. To say this is devastating is an understatement. The love we have for Wesley is immense and the hole he’ll leave is even bigger. How grateful I am that five years ago he chose us as his family.

I am certain the Lord placed Wesley in our home because He knew how much we’d need him during AJ’s illness. There were days her only motivation was getting home to Wesley. He has touched each of us and always made us feel special. But for me it is slightly different. For me he will always hold the most special place. He helped save my girl and for that I will be eternally grateful.

How do you say goodbye to something so dear? How do express your gratitude? That is what I am currently grappling with. Honestly, I’m not sure I will ever find the answers.

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