Go, Loren, Go

About a month and a half into Ava’s diagnosis she was admitted to the PICU with gram negative sepsis. It was one of the most terrifying experiences, ever. One of the first people to come visit her was Loren. She sat with Ava and just chatted. After this PICU visit, Ava was so week she had to start PR to regain her strength and balance for walking. We talked about how Loren had done the same and how just a month before she had put her body through a grueling race for kids like Ava. She inspired us both, especially since she is also childhood cancer survivor. You know that saying about those who make it out of hell and turn to help those still in it? That’s Loren.

She and Tom do so much with Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. For example, when the pandemic hit and we were hunting for sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and masks. Tom reached out to us to see what we needed. A few days later we had a shipment at our doorstep with all the supplies and then some. When you’re going through the unimaginable it’s comforting to know you’re not alone. It’s even more comforting to have people who get it by your side. People like Loren and Tom.

Today Loren begins the Moab 240 honoring and remembering 240 childhood cancer kids. Ava is mile 177. Please, please consider donating. Your donation will help Stillbrave continue being there for families during the unimaginable.


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