“Things are looking up for Ava”.

This evening as Ava was packing her lunch she turned to me and said “things are looking up for Ava.” Yes they are baby girl, yes they are!

Even though COVID-19 has impacted much of our lives and dampened some of our plans we still had a pretty great summer. Our trip to the beach with our cousins was the perfect bookend to a lovely relaxing summer spent mostly outdoors.

Just two years I ago I remember sitting across from her team and asking for help because she was so down and depressed. She shared that missing back to school season was making her so sad. I remember how my heart broke when she said we were all leaving her behind. Missing freshman and sophomore years of high school has not been easy, but it’s made her return to school much sweeter!

We have so much to be thankful for and so much to pray for. As we all return to school amid the Delta surge, we pray that our kids and all kids can stay safe. We ask that Ava gets a full year of school and all the stuff that goes along with it.

We also pray for our sweet friends Ailani and Jade who are both undergoing bone marrow transplants. I’ll be sure to post more about their journeys in my Childhood Cancer Awareness Month post in September. For now I just ask that you keep them and all those fighting in your prayers. May things look up for them soon as well.

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