A Hard Goodbye

Today was our last visit with our amazing Dr. Molina. He has completed his fellowship at Johns Hopkins and is most likely moving to the Cleveland Clinic. To say it’s bittersweet is an understatement. Dr. Molina was the one who confirmed Ava’s leukemia diagnosis and then sat with me as I cried all alone. He has answered all my questions, emails, and calls. He’s never become impatient and always stayed positive. He’s somehow managed to tell it to me straight and while keeping me encouraged and hopeful. Clinic appointments will not be the same without him. Thankfully the leukemia team is considering moving her to 3 or 6 month appointments.

The 12th will be Ava’s 2 year Cancer-versary. She’s come so far and I’m sure it’s because God placed Dr. Molina in our path. We waited 7 months for her diagnosis, but somehow we managed to squeak in during Dr. Molina’s last weekend taking new patients. These last two years have been better because he’s been caring for our girl. All I can do is wish him well and pray for those he treats next. I’m confident God has amazing plans for Dr. Molina.

Our final picture with our favorite fellow!

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