For everything there is a season

This verse from Ecclesiastes is one of my favorites. I still remember when my Aunt Vilma read and explained it to me back when I was in 9th grade. For the last 16 months I feel like we’ve been in season of hibernation. I’m sure most of the world feels like this, but for our party of 6 it’s been a little different. We’ve been fearing not one, but two illnesses. I think part of the reason we’ve been so careful on the COVID front is because it’s one that feels within our control. There’s no amount of hand washing, social distancing, or vaccine that can prevent relapse, so focusing on COVID has been easier for us.

However, last months results have given us some peace and we’re slowly coming out of our hibernation mind frame. I think it’s finally our season to heal. For me it’s about mental healing. I’m sure I’ve written about the PTSD that comes with a cancer diagnosis in the past, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to explain how it can grip you and change you. For the last two years I’ve been scared of making plans and whenever I do I always add, if anything happens with Ava I may need to bail. Since our one stint in the PICU I plan and prep all my lessons like I may have to be out because of a hospital stay. But I’m finally feeling ready to relax a little. I’m ready to contemplate Ava getting her license, taking family vacations, and settling to life without fear.

Today Ava had her monthly labs check-in with Dr. Molina and before Kev had even gotten the through the word vaccination he was telling us to go, to book it, to live. He went through all her labs and everything looks great. He told us Ava’s next scheduled BMA is in late December early January 2022. He told us to make her 16 year checkup with our beloved pediatrician Dr. Scheibel. He said unless her body tells us otherwise she’s good. Friends, I’ll tell you the truth, not fixating on that unless will be so hard, but I’m so ready to move into our next season of healing and living. I’m going to trust God and the science He empowered us to create. I’m going to believe she is really healed.

I took my faith a step further booked our summer vacations. Breckenridge here we come! Next we’re looking for drivers ed classes so AJ can get her license this summer. As many of you know she will turn 16 on May 4th. So this blogs may look a little different from here on out. A little less posting, a little more mundane, but also a lot more peaceful. Well as peaceful as life with 16 , 13 , and 11 year olds can be.

Thank you for praying for Ava and for us during our season in the Poopy Place. Your prayers mean so, so much! We hope you continue to pray for her as we begin a new journey and find new adventures.

Cheers to the power of prayer and science!

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