Big Day

What up Ava’s Squad?

I hope you’re all doing well. I know it’s been a long time since it’s our last post, but as they say no news is good news. We’ve been blessed with health during this latest stretch of quarantine life. For us staying healthy means not doing much outside the house in order to minimize exposure. So basically we’re all very bored, but grateful we’ve been privileged enough to keep ourselves healthy.

AJ, Kohen, and Ellie are all doing well in school and plan to finish the school year virtually. My class is amazing and giving their all during virtual instruction. They make it a lot of fun and doable. I’m still not sure when I’ll be going back this school year, but when the time comes I’m trusting God to keep my girl safe. Kev and my mom are already setting up protocols for what needs to happen if and when I go back.

Last week Ava had her monthly check up and we learned that she still has no B-cells. This is so encouraging and causes so much hope for her leukemia still being gone. Dr. Molina seems to be very optimistic. She has her BMA tomorrow and in his words it’s a big day. I actually debated sharing any of this because I didn’t want to jinx it, but then I remember y’all have been with us throughout this journey so I feel comfortable sharing.

Dr. Molina feels if the BMA shows her marrow is clear Ava may be moved to yearly BMAs and go back to the care of her pediatrician. She would still go for her monthly B-cell check and potential IVIG infusion, but no more. I’m sure you can imagine how huge this would be for her and for us. There’s little reason to think this won’t be the case, but my mama heart always carries a little what if and fear in it. In order to check my fears I’ll be praying the St. Bakhita novena for Ava and Ailani. Many of you may remember Ailani’s story from prior posts. She also has a BMA this week so Princecine and I decided to start this novena for our girls. If you’re interested in joining us we’d really appreciate it.

AJ and I head to Hopkins early tomorrow morning. I stopped by Sunday Morning Bakehouse today to pickup a couple yummy treats for her to enjoy post procedure to make it a little extra special. This afternoon I found her already enjoying some of them.

Please keep us in you’re prayers as we begin the waiting and praying for results. ❤️❤️

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