But God

Miracles do happen! My girl is proof of this. Her doctors told us to prepare for transplant after this BMA but GOD! Her amazing Dr. Molina told me they were all happily shocked. I cannot accurately express my joy in words, but I will say thanks to everyone who has prayed for my Ava and our family. Thanks for being part of Ava’s Squad. Ava is super excited to know she will be able to return for 2nd semester of 10th grade. Kohen and Ellie are overjoyed that we will be home for their birthdays. Kev and I feel like we can breathe and plan past December. Today is the best day ever!! #cartparty #notoriousajg #avassquad

1 thought on “But God

  1. Ava has been in my prayer box & I have been praying for this outcome.  This is wonderful news, hope you & your family have a wonderful christmas!APRIL/GG


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