The Long Wait

Waiting and not knowing is a funny thing. When you’re actively waiting for news you’re wishing time would hurry up. Then as the time for news gets closer you wish you had just a little more time in case the news doesn’t go the way you want. Or at least this is what waiting is like for me. Here’s a quick update or where we are.

Most of last week was good. My mind has been in a positive place. The news she still has no B-cells and that she is still Flow Negative was so encouraging. I was convinced we’d get results yesterday so the anxiety amped up on Saturday night. But crickets. I thought I had figured out Dr. Molina’s patterns and it was safe to go to bed after 10:30. Not. When I woke up this morning Kev told me Dr. Molina had emailed around midnight to request pretransplant labs. We still don’t have results, but they want to get Ava in for labs to make sure she doesn’t have some mutation. So tomorrow Kev and Ava will be heading to Hopkins for a blood draw. We had a long talk with Dr. Molina today and he has assured me they will consider all the things before deciding to go to transplant. That makes me feel better, but not as much as getting the all clear will.

The wait is coming to end and soon we will know. I praying for clear marrow and no need for transplant. I realize it’s not the end of the world if we do need it, but I’m still hoping and praying she is spared. Thanks for all your prayers.

Quick video of Ava’s craziness this evening.

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