It’s been a while since I updated. We’ve been waiting for Ava’s 9-month BMA results for the last two weeks. Waiting suck, but we finally got them today. I wish I could explain exactly what they show, but I can’t because, as usual, our girl does her own thing and no one knows exactly how to read it. Basically, there’s a “blip”. This blip is less than one and doesn’t have all the codes of her leukemia, BUT it’s not 0, and it’s flagging as possibly abnormal. Her doctors don’t feel it’s a return disease and are highly encouraged because her CAR-T cells are still doing their job but they’re annoyed it’s not zero. So they’ve ordered another BMA for the end of this month to continue to track her. While they’re not comfortable saying she’s in the clear and won’t need to go to transplant they’re also not rushing to say she will need one. Are you finding this clear as mud? Me too. I’ve already gotten sick twice since talking to Dr. Molina and am fighting my anxiety but I’m also sitting here looking at this fierce strong young badass next to me feeling like whatever this is she’s got it. As usual though we welcome all your prayers as we ride the wave of this “blip”.

Making Fry Bread
She is enjoying her Halloween creation.

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