We’ve Got Work to Do!

Today Dr. Molina let us know that Ava’s final test result, NGS, came back. It is NEGATIVE for Leukemia. Friends this is the one that has never gotten to zero Leukemia/abnormal cells! This is the one that showed 6-8 cells per million in February, 2-4 cells per million in May, and now in July it’s 0 and completely undetectable!! We are so overjoyed and thankful. When I asked AJ how she felt she said it’s awesome, but I got work to do. Yes, baby girl you do, we all do!

That thrill of hope has carried us so far, but your constant prayers, well wishes, and love have held us even longer. We are so grateful to all of you. God has been so good to our family. Now we just pray for this to continue as we move to having BMAs every three months.

We also ask that you continue to keep all of the children fighting childhood cancer in your thoughts and prayers. It has been a hard couple weeks for the Hopkins 11th floor kids. Today I watched the livestream of an 18 years olds funeral. He lost he battle with brain cancer. Though we did not meet Justin we’ve corresponded with his mom and are part of the same organization. Children are getting diagnosed and dying everyday. We most do more. As Ava said we have work to do.

We specifically ask that you keep Ava’s fellow warrior, Ailani in your prayers. She’s recent relapsed. Her treadmill is CAR-T and a second BMT. Ava is even more convinced CAR-T will serve Ailani as well as it as her. Ailani is still in need of a 100% bone Marti match. Maybe you are her match?

Swab for Ailani

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