Day 29

We’ve made it to Day 29 and Ava’s BMA. While we won’t find out the results today is it a big day. Based on what today’s BMA and spinal time find we will know if the CAR-T cells were able to destroy her leukemia cells or if they were able to change their genetics and avoid the CAR-T cells.

If her CAR-T cells were victorious we will finally hear the words minimal residual disease negative (MRD-), the words we’ve been praying for since July 12th. If they weren’t we move onto a bone marrow transplant, BMT. There’s also a chance that she could be MRD-, but the B-cells return to quickly and we would still go on to transplant, so we’re praying for MRD- negative AND B-cell aplasia for at least 6 months if not longer.

Late last week we learned that surprisingly neither Kohen or Ellie are a match to be donors for Ava. This means that if a transplant is ever needed Kevin will most likely be her donor. I will be tested as well, but for some reason I cannot remember Hopkins prefers that fathers be the donor when it’s a 50% match. Since they are the pioneers in hapaloidentical transplants we feel we’re in good hands and trust their judgement.

However, this is a conversation I hope we never need to have.

For today I’ll take comfort in knowing she’s made it through anesthesia, a bone marrow aspiration, and lumbar puncture successfully. I give thanks that she’s looking and feeling so good. When the worry stats to try and set in I’ll remind myself that the Lord has already answered my prayers according to His will. I’ll try my very best to give thanks and not question.

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