But God

This morning my heart was broken. Around 10:30 last night Kev texted to tell me that AJ had a temperature of 102°. That meant she’d in at Hopkins till at least Wednesday and I would be heading back after work today. When I told Ellie she was devastated. She complained that “AJ was supposed to come home on Monday, that was the deal”. She also mentioned she’d only gotten a few hours with me. As I said my heart was broken. Broken for my girl who was at the hospital and broken for my girl who was looking forward to having her sister and mommy at home. After praying the rosary on the way to work I’d come to terms with the situation and made peace with it. At 9 am Kevin texted to let me know since she’d cleared the methotrexate, had good counts, and stayed fever free since last night Ava had been discharged. I literally cried tears of joy. Tonight my heart is full.

Now if my mind will allow me to get some sleep tonight I’ll be all set!

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