Joining the CAR-T Party

We heard from Ava’s oncologist a few hours ago and unfortunately Ava is still MRD positive with .46% leukemia in her marrow. While this is down from the 1.6% she had the end of August the chances of relapse with our current treatment plan are higher. So we will be moving to CAR-T therapy. Of course this is not what we wanted to hear, but I have to remember I’m not in charge of how God answers my prayers and I am still confident He’s answering them. When Ava was first diagnosed my biggest fear was not would she beat it, it was would she relapse. My prayer has always been that she beat it and never relapse. Soon after Dr. Molina mentioned that moving to CAR-T may be a way to prevent relapsing the it occurred to me or God whispered, I’m never certain, that this unknown path was actually leading to my prayers being answered. We definitely have a lot more research to do in order to prepare for the CAR-T path, but for tonight we will join sausage and pasta and being with our kiddos for another night. I got this from a fellow cancer mama minutes after telling her the results. It was just what I needed to refocus and keep hope alive.

So far from the little I know the benefits of CAR-T are that Ava will only have chemo for about another four weeks and then God willing once she is through CAR-T she will be done with chemo. So this means less toxicity and her treatment could potentially end in two months versus active chemo through April and then maintenance chemo for another two years. There also potentially less chance of relapse so that’s good. Another bright spot? Her fellow happens to be doing his research on CAR-T therapy.

In case you’re wondering how AJ is taking the news you’ll be happy to know that when Kevin asked how she was feeling she told him she felt she need sausage and pasta for dinner.

Wish I could end this with a picture of my girl and her beautiful smile, but tonight I’m feeling selfish and want her all to myself.

Update: I lied. I figure y’all are so invested in our girl you also deserve some of her amazing personality as reassurance that she’s going to be just fine.

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