Week in Review

My mom mentioned that a few friends had reached out to see how AJ was doing because there haven’t been any updates on here. My apologies. All I can say is that whole beginning of the year teacher tired hit me hard this year. All in all it has been an okay week. We’ve all had highs and lows.

Kev was able to to go to work for a few days this week, which was good. His job is being amazing and allowing him to work from and from the hospital as well. He was able to get Ko to first day of middle school and Ava on her first online classes. He was able to take some trainings for work and attend lots of meetings.

Kohen enjoyed his first week of middle school with few problems. After a bad experience with a broken lock he has now figured how to open his locker. He’s getting his timing down and able to make it to all his classes on time. Unfortunately he left school early with because of a cold on Friday, but seems to be better now.

Ellie loves 4th grade. She’s super happy with her teachers and very excited about all the new friends she gets to make. She started gymnastics again on Wednesday. As much as I was hoping the class would be enough to get her tumbling out it appears it’s not. She still flipping and cartwheeling ALL day.

My new class has been amazing. The children are super sweet and full of positive energy. Just what I need! Teaching in English and Spanish is going better than I expected. I’ve been able to stick to my Spanish with greater ease and love learning the grammar and spelling. SpanishDict! and Google translate are my new bffs. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get home before 5 and be back on a schedule.

Ava’s week has been okay. She had began her online classes on Monday and was able to attend all four. Her Thursday’s are the busiest. She has three classes and PT. On Wednesday night she walked into the bathroom and told us it was time to shave her head. Watching her as Kev shaved it was amazing. She kept us laughing the whole time. Such an Ava thing to do. On Friday she had her second chemo at the clinic and LP. My mother in law says she did great. When she got home I asked how she was doing and she told me she was upset because the doctors didn’t give her fluids and she’d have to drink her daily 2 liters. As I’ve posted before AJ hates drinking. We’ve tried everything to help her, but it’s still one of her least favorite parts of cancer. Yesterday she told me when she was done with cancer she was throwing all her water bottles out the window and running them over with the car. It’s that bad. Since she’s in consolidation she gets a medicine nicknamed ARAC on days 1-4, 8-11, 29-32, and 36-39. For the 3 days after clinic we have nurses come to the house. Though she’s handing the home injections well she’s definitely feeling more nauseous. All the nurses have mentioned her BP is a little low and she need to drink and eat more. Shocker. We’re also watching her temp which was around 99.6 today. So we’re praying a temp never develops and that she gets her appetite back. The Washington Spirit have invited her to two pretty awesome events so we’re hoping she’s well enough to make them.

So while the break was nice and for a couple weeks it allowed us to pretend she was on the mend chemo is back and with it the nausea, fluid fights, and constant temperature watch.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Grace, Ava is beautiful inside and out and soo very strong. My family and I pray for Ava and her/your entire family daily. You and cousin Kevin are amazing parents. We’re praying and fighting with you❤️ and #FCANCER!!


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