Sorry for lack of a better title, but at the moment all I feel is ugh. Below is a recap of the last few days.

Last week’s chemo seems to have hit her harder than the prior ones. We had an appointment on Friday to go over the next part of her treatment and while at the meeting Dr. Cooper ordered repeat labs to check her hemoglobin levels. This change of plan didn’t sit well with Ava and caused a panic attack so we were admitted to the Emergency Department. After running a bunch of test it was determined that she was severely dehydrated. We were discharged around midnight after her BP, heart rate, and electro lights were satisfactory.

On Saturday she had a pretty good day. She ate a lot and drank more than she has been. With approval from her oncologist we took her to see the Washington Spirit play the Chicago Red Stars. This is the first social outing she’d had since meeting up with friends a couple weeks ago. Kev and I were both struck that the last time we’d been to the stadium was to watch her play in her team’s CYO championship back in November. Little did we know two weeks later her fevers would begin and our worlds would be changed. Anyway while we were at the game a sweet stranger started talking to my cousin, Doug about Ava somehow got Rose Lavelle to come see her after the game. Let me just say Rose and the whole Spirit organization are amazing. Even though she’s not one for much attention she loved meeting Rose and being able to share that with Kohen, Ellie and her cousins was definitely super special.

We were hoping for a chill day on Sunday, but she was pretty weak and had a lot of tummy trouble. She didn’t sleep much on Saturday night so I was hoping that getting rest would help her feel better, but she seemed to have trouble getting restful sleep. Once again I was reminded how lucky I am to have Kevin as my partner in this and how blessed we are to have our moms close.

Today AJ woke up early and had a granola bar then fell back asleep. Around 9 I got her her breakfast and gave her her meds. She fell asleep until almost noon and when she woke up she started asking for & Pizza. When it was delivered I asked her to come down to eat and that’s when she mentioned her leg was swollen. My mom and I check her out and decided we should call the doctor to see what to do. They told us to get her into the ER and thus here are.

Her official reason for being here is multiple blood clots in her right leg and dehydration. Her labs also show that her hemoglobin is low and she needs platelets. The doctors are also concerned about her nutrition. They’re calling her visit a tune up before tomorrow’s scheduled lumbar puncture, port placement, and day 29 marrow aspiration.

We’ve definitely had better days and she’s definitely felt better. All of this has taken a toll on her spirits and she’s having trouble staying positive. As her mom I can’t blame her. BUT it’s comforting to know she’s right where she needs to be to get the care she needs. While Kevin and I would much rather be home with her we know everything happens for a reason and God continues to have her in His hands. So we continue to pray and to trust. We do ask for your continued prayers that tomorrow goes well and that her marrow is free of leukemia.

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