Short Post, Short Hair

Not much to update at the moment. Things are going as well as can be expected. This week has been pretty quiet for AJ. Though she’s still having nausea we’ve been able to help her keep her calm. Though she’s handling treatment well she’s definitely tired and run down most of the day. We spend most days watching The Cosby Show, A Different World, or various romcoms. She’s been able to enjoy some time with her Aunt Skye. Yesterday she felt strong enough to attend a cousins pizza party at my cousins house and today she asked to have Kevin’s parents come over for Sunday dinner. Baby steps. I’m thankful for baby steps.

As much as I was hoping we’d make it to mass today I have to remember to thankful for the little victories and that God understands. Since her WBC is so low we’re not going to push her to do more than she feels comfortable, we’d hate to end up in the hospital sooner than planned. Our next planned outing is for her next infusion this coming Tuesday.

We continue to thank you for all the prayers, well wishes, goodies, and visits. They mean more than you all know.

Finally in my latest attempt to prove that prayers make a difference and hold us up I’ll show you Ava’s newest look. The fact I was able to cut her beautiful hair with minimal tears and no shaking are proof that I’m being held up by all your prayers and His strength.

6 thoughts on “Short Post, Short Hair

  1. Dearest Grace, I can only imagine the feelings for Ava cutting her hair. We must concentrate on how everything is in her favor to recover from this all. And, with all our prayers and best wishes, and God’s grace, she will make a full recovery, and be swinging a long pony tail in the future. Peace and strength!


  2. I love the cut! Super cute. Just returned from France where I stopped in at every church I saw and lit a candle and prayed for Ava and her people. Big hug! You guys have a huge village praying and loving on you.


  3. Sorry she had to cut such beautiful hair. . She is such strong and beautiful, I admire her. Ava keep fighting!! God is with you👏👏🎉🎉🥰🥰❤️


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