A True Sour Patch Kid

Have I told y’all about my Ellie? The commercial says Sour Patch Kids are sour then sweet, throw in some sass and you’ve got Ellie. Let’s just say since Ava’s been sick she’s been extra sour. We don’t blame her though, it’s completely understandable. I can’t even begin to imagine how this all feels for her. Thankfully today she got a little bit of normalcy and a lots more attention than she’s been getting.

Ava asked for a low key day and seemed to do well with it. First cousins came to visit to visit. While Drew and Ira hung with Ava, Andrea spent a lot of time loving on Ellie. When Aunt Fanetta came to visit Ellie and I got the chance to get some crafting done. This made AJ super happy because she was off the hook. You see Ellie and I love to craft, Ava not so much.

Ellie is always stealing my supplies and today couldn’t wait to get into my new Cricut Easy Press. After watching me make a couple shirt she got the hang of peeling vinyl and using the press. So we together made shirts for Kohen and her, “the cousins”, Ava’s chemo treatment, and my mom. Ava even joined us for a little bit to design an Ava’s Squad shirt.

I can tell today is just what Ellie needed. We were all home, Ava had a pretty good day, we did some crafting, and even went for a walk. All this must have put some of Ellie’s fears at ease. When her fears are at ease and she’s not bored, she’s much less sour. Even though I can’t say she ever loses her sassiness, it’s a lot easier to handle when she’s sweet.

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