That’s another thing cancer is. I wish I had a more positive title, but the truth is I simply don’t. It’s utterly and completely unfair. While I know life is not fair, cancer seems especially unfair. No one should get cancer, especially not children.

Earlier this week my brave girl asked if she could go to the mall with some friends to eat mashed potatoes. She loves mashed potatoes. Aside from the ones her Avi, my mom, makes her the ones at Urban Plates are her favorite. She’s been looking forward to mashed potatoes for a while now. I helped her get ready and we talked through what she would do in different situations. We discussed worse case scenarios and the more likely ones. I braided her long beautiful hair and assured her all would go well.

Ava choose a very sweet group of girls who have known her since kindergarten. (She hasn’t told many friends from her new school yet. We’re working on it.) We also made sure to invite girls we know were in town. Part of her was nervous if they said no it may be because they didn’t want to hangout with a cancer kid. So I helped her pick friends who I knew would help her feel at ease and who would do there best to be available. We definitely picked the MVPs of teenage hood.

Unfortunately, such a big place with so many people was way to soon for Ava. She was able to enjoy a few minutes with her squad before needing go outside. After spending a little more time with them she asked to come home. I’m so thankful her friends understood and encouraged her to do what made her feel most comfortable. But it’s still unfair.

It’s unfair that my once confident, vibrant, and active girl can no longer enjoy have lunch with friends. It’s unfair she no longer has summer plans. It’s unfair she will miss out on back to school shopping trips with friends. It’s unfair she feels she can’t share her journey with all her friends.

I’ve long been a champion of fairness, just ask my parents or sister. Like most people I hate bullies. Currently cancer has become my daughter’s bully. A bully that has her napping on the couch instead of out with friends. As a teacher I know the best way to deal with a bully, is face them head on. So instead of complaining about how unfair this all is we’re going to take it head on. We’re going to take it head on for Ava, for all the kids on 11 South, and for all the kids who are yet to be diagnosed.

This September together with our friends the Tuites we will be walking, running, and cycling for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. You can visit our Poopy Place Adventures page through this link. http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/1831137

With your help maybe we can make sure this bully stops messing with our kids. Will you Be Bold and Go Gold?

2 thoughts on “Unfair

  1. Annie said it was good to see Ava, she’s grateful for any amount of time! Taking it head on! 🧡🍊💪


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