Poopy Days

They happen and today was one of them. Ava has barely eaten anything today. She’s so fearful of throwing up until a half hour ago all she ate was two rice cakes, a couple spoonfuls of Mac and cheese, and some rice. I’ve never been happier to see her eat McDonald’s as I was tonight.

Thanks to Kevin’s friend Aimee and my friend Catherine, Kevin was able to take some treats and presents to some of our favorite nurses and the children in the peds oncology unit. We’re thankful for the generosity everyone’s shown us and the whole crew on 11 South.

4 thoughts on “Poopy Days

  1. Is she complaining that things taste metallic or just anxious about nausea. There are ways to combat the metallic taste. Let us know if this continues and I can be of help. Love to you guys.


      1. Hmmmm….there may be a pediatric oncology counselor that could help her through that. That is tough. She will certainly need sustenance. I lived off of cheese puffs and root beer popsicles and one point during treatment because those were the only things that didn’t make me think of vomiting.


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