Ava’s Lexicon

First things first… to those reading our blog we should let you know that Ava loves to make up words and she also uses words in different ways. For example you can be a fub, a fubsha, or even a Fubsha Williams. Most times these are not good things, but it really depends on the how its used in the sentence.

Currently Ava has two favorite words, poopy and clementine.

Poopy can be a noun or an adjective. It can be really good or really well, poopy. Sometimes brothers or sisters are poopy, our beloved dog is super poopy and well leukemia is definitely the poopiest! So you see poopy can be a good thing or a bad thing. Currently the poopy place isn’t fun and a bad kind of poopy, but in a couple years the poopy place will be amazing.

Clementine is just word that sounds funny and makes her feel silly. Everyone needs silly right? Also clementines are orange and the ribbon color for Leukemia is orange so it fits.

8 thoughts on “Ava’s Lexicon

  1. Love you poopyface! we got your back and I wish I had your strength. When I comeback in my next life I want to be like you, a badass poopy girl. See you in a few hours my Avi and until then know that I love you beyond words.


  2. Ava, I don’t know you…but, I know what it is like to fight leukemia. From one survivor to another….you got this! Follow the doctor’s orders and let your parents fight the fight. Now beat this poopy cancer!


  3. You got this beat pretty girl. You’re strong and God has you in the palm of his hands!! Sendings lots of love and prayers.


  4. Ava, the nurses, doctors, n entire staff are amazing in cancer facilities. When Gary was diagnosed with leukemia on his birthday and brought into the hospital, the staff in the Kitchen brought him a cake and the staff all sang happy birthday to him.
    The staff are all special people and want the best for you and the family. They are the angels sent from God to watch over you. Thinking of you, Connie n Gary Levine


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